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Quit fishing! Start catching!

Surf fishing is actually a very simple sport. You will need a 7 to 8 foot rod with a reel that will hold 150 to 200 yards of line. I prefer open face reels because of how easy they are to clean. Salt water is very hard on fishing tackle. 12 to 15 lb. test is all that you will need. I use spider wire 30 lb. test with only a 6 lb. test diameter. It will last all year.

Next, rig your line with a 2 oz. triangle sinker to hold the bottom in the surf. Put two #2 hooks about one foot apart with the sinker at the end of the line.

Bait the hooks with live shrimp or sandfleas and throw out as far as you can. Place your rod in a holder like a 2 inch PVC pipe and sit back and wait. Life is soooooooo good when the big one bites!


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