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Tackle Differences

There are some tackle differences that I have found
to be very unique between surf and wade fishing.  
When you are surf fishing you'll want to use a 7-9 ft. 
rod with plenty of line so that you can throw the 
bait as far as possible into the surf.  The weights
that are used are much heavier and generally triangle 
shaped to hold the bottom against the strong currents.  
I prefer to use an open faced reel that is much larger 
than when wade fishing.

I have seen many fisherman use the same rod and reel 
whether surf or wade fishing.  I find it very difficult 
casting a 9 ft. rod in chest deep water all day. That 
is why I came up with this winning combination for wade 

My wade fishing rod is a 6 ft. Berkely Lighting rod, 
heavy-medium action.  The reel is a Finn-Knorr Ahab #8.  
These reels are made in Ft Lauderdale and can be found 
at the local bait shops.  It has the finest drag made, 
using a nine piece ballberring system.  I use a 15 lb. 
TriTanium mono by Sufix.  This line is fairly new, but 
in my opinion, the best mono fishing line on the market.  
I've caught every kind of fish on this rig, including 
small sharks.  It sounds light weight but believe me the 
reel can take on the challenge.

Surf Fishing vs. Wade Fishing

Though surf fishing and wade fishing are very similar, 
there are some distinct differences.  Surf fishing 
generally involves staying in one spot and waiting for 
the fish to swim by and take the bait.  Wade fishing 
on the other hand intales walking chest deep in the 
water for long distances trying to locate the fish.  
Both are very effective ways for catching fish.  

Surf fishing and wade fishing can be done in the same 
general area, depending on the time of year.  I prefer
to wade fish and try to locate the under water feeding 
paths the fish follow.